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It is vital to note that Bluetooth is rated among the most vastly used wireless technology in the known universe. However, Bluetooth is excellent when it is working until it stops working. This can be frustrating.

Before you get frustrated and ask Google personal questions such as why my Bluetooth is not working, you must know that some Bluetooth devices do not connect when the devices are out of range or not in pairing modes.

For those unaware, Bluetooth connectivity problems can range from getting you annoyed mildly down to getting you inconvenient immensely, like when your computer refuses to pair with a printer, and of course, you have a deadline.

However, there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel when Bluetooth is not working. There is light because Bluetooth issues are among their easiest to fix. We will be providing you with all you need to know to get it fixed.

How To Fix Bluetooth Issues

Before you begin troubleshooting when your Bluetooth is not working, there are things you will need to check on, and they include:

The product information

If you want to set up a new device and cannot find the Bluetooth, ensure that you check the product's specifications to ensure that it has Bluetooth abilities. This is because some devices do not have Bluetooth.

• Ensure you check your Bluetooth device

When having issues that suggest that your Bluetooth is not working, you should check if your computer is charged or fresh batteries. Also, check if the device you need to connect to your computer is in the range of the computer.

When you are done with all this, you can try to turn off the Bluetooth device, hold on for some seconds and turn it back on once more. Furthermore, it would be best if you made sure the Bluetooth device is in close range.

Bear in mind that unshielded USB devices tend to interrupt Bluetooth connections.

Check the computer

Here, you are to ensure that the airplane mode of your computer is off. To do this:
  • Click on the start button and move to settings.
    From settings, click on network and Internet, and finally airplane mode.
    Ensure it is off.
Furthermore, when your Bluetooth is not working, you can turn on the blue and turn it off. Click on the start button, click on settings, move to devices, and click on Bluetooth and other devices. Please turn off your Bluetooth and after waiting for some seconds, turn it back on.
Or, you can remove the Bluetooth device you are trying to pair and add it once more. You are to follow the steps above to get to your Bluetooth and other devices, click on the device you are having issues pairing with, and then hit on the remove device button. Solidify this by hitting on yes.

Troubleshooting The Issue

When it comes to running a troubleshoot when your Bluetooth is not working, you are to select the start option, click on settings, move to update and security, and finally, click on troubleshoot.

When you see the "find and fix other problems" option, click on Bluetooth and select the run the troubleshooter option. You are to follow the instructions.

Or, you can check if you have the latest drivers. For those who may have just upgraded their windows 10 or installed the new updates, the driver may have been designed for an earlier version.

You can automatically check for driver updates by moving to the search box on the taskbar and searching for the device manager. Click on the device manager from the diverse results.

When you click on it, select Bluetooth and click on the Bluetooth adapter name. Note that it may have the word "radio" on it. You are to either right-click or press and hold the Bluetooth adapter.

Next is to select the updated driver and click on search automatically for the updated driver software. You are to follow the steps and click on close. Once the updated driver is installed, click on the start button, hit on power, and then restart if you have been prompted to do so.
You are to check if this fixes the Bluetooth connection issue. However, if your Windows cannot discover any new Bluetooth driver, go straight to the computer manufacturer's website and download the most recent Bluetooth driver there.

It is vital to note that an incompatible or outdated driver is among the prevalent causes of Bluetooth, not working issues.

Furthermore, you can uninstall the Bluetooth adapter located in the device manager. This can be done by going to the search box on the taskbar and entering the device manager. You are to click on device manager from the results.

While there, hit on Bluetooth and either right-click or press and hold the Bluetooth adapter name. You are to click on uninstall device. Click on the start button, click on power and move to shut down.

Once the device shuts down, please wait for some seconds and turn it on. Your Windows will try its best to reinstall the driver. If it cannot do this automatically, open the device manager, click on the action, and hit on scan for hardware changes.


We have provided you with all you can do when your Bluetooth is not working. However, if the methods outlined do not fix the Bluetooth issue, you can easily use the Windows feedback hub to file bug issues easily.

Doing this will assist Microsoft in determining the root cause of the problem. Also, feel free to create a thread on our website; to ask questions if you will be needing more clarifications on the issue.
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