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Have you ever found yourself in a situation wherein your mouse/keyboard is not working? How swiftly did you move to ask Google questions about "what to do when mouse/keyboard not working"?

Nevertheless, it must be noted that these things are bound to happen. It could happen while you are in the middle of getting important work done at the office or when you have just one hour left to submit an essay.

Well, if this is your case at the moment, do not panic, and do not call the technician just yet. The reason for this is because there are some necessary steps you can follow to resolve this issue. And, you will be doing it all on your own.

Take this as a Do-it-yourself guide to problems that arise from the mouse/keyboard not working.

Things To Do When Mouse/Keyboard Not Working

Some of the do-it-yourself steps we will be sharing in this article include:

1. Do a computer reboot

While this is a no-brainer, sometimes people get overwhelmed and forget to carry out such an obvious solution. Rebooting your computer will take some minutes; however, if your mouse cannot move, you can try shutting down the computer by clicking windows + x on the keyboard.

Once you click on it, the start menu will pop out. Move straight to shut down or sign out or restart by making use of the arrow keys. You can click on Alt+F4 to make the shutdown menu pop up and use the arrow keys to hit on restart.

2. Utilize a temporary keyboard

When your keyboard stops working as well, you will have to make use of a temporary keyboard. Before you run to Google to find out why the mouse/keyboard is not working, Windows can help you out.

Interestingly, Windows has an in-built keyboard for occasions like this. The OSK, On-Screen Keyboard, can be accessed when you move to the windows settings, click on ease of access, and click on the keyboard.

You will be greeted with a statement stating that you should use your device without a physical keyboard. You are to switch on the use the on-screen keyboard. Furthermore, you can click on windows+ctrl+o to easily access the virtual keyboard.

It will open the OSK, and you can use your mouse to type or even navigate through Windows before you get a permanent fix.

3. Try the basic troubleshooting

In cases wherein the mouse/keyboard is not working, you can check the keyboard and mouse cables. Check if there may be disconnected, showing signs of being worn out, or if they have been dislodged from their original ports.

You can try replacing the batteries for those who may be using a wireless keyboard or mouse. Or, you can check if the Bluetooth connection is still very much active. If you are making use of external Bluetooth transmitters, you can check if that is the reason behind the mouse/keyboard not working problem.

More so, you can plug in a different mouse or keyboard. If you notice that the computer is not responding to the new plugged-in keyboard or mouse, the issue you might be facing will likely point towards being a software problem.

4. Make the move to update your driver

If the mouse/keyboard is not working, you can update the device driver as it can prospectively fix the mouse or keyboard giving you issues. To do this, you can make use of a search to find and open the device manager.

Once you open the device manager, expand the mice, keyboards, and all other pointing devices. You are to right-click on the device and update the driver.


When you are faced with a problem that suggests that the mouse/keyboard is not working, there are lots of options to try out rather than running to a technician. We have successfully provided you with few tips to help you when you are faced with such a problem.

Bear in mind that windows have a troubleshooter feature. This feature focuses on dealing with diverse types of bugs and errors you may encounter. Note that it can resolve USB keyboard problems.

If you need more clarifications, easily create a thread on our website; to gain more clarification from other readers on how to go about the situation.
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